Hygienic Hand Dryer Tornado Protech


Hygienic HEPA filter option 15 provides a higher level of protection against bacteria present in the air. This filter reduces up to 99.997% of bacteria ensuring clean air in your hands.

Your hands will be dried in just 12-15 seconds thanks to its double compressed airflow which reaches 300 km/h.

Assembled and manufactured in the EU with the highest quality standards.

TORNADO PROTECH generates savings of up to 80% compared with other hand drying systems, especially paper towels and rolls.

Infra-red automatic activation. It activates automatically when it detects hands and stops immediately after removing them.

5 years warranty for spare parts or 350.000 uses.

Zero Splashing. The hand dryer has a unique ergonomic drainage system and an anti-splash system incorporating a water tank easily accessible.

Natural and ergonomic design for easy access.

The water tank deposit prevents water from dropping on the floor, pollution and odors. Quick and easy to empty and clean and provides maximum hygiene efficiency.