Key Features

Higher Speed

AIR TOWEL dries your hands perfectly in just 10 seconds. It generates an air expulsion speed 7 times faster than that of conventional hand dryers: 504 km/h.

Energy Savings

91% LESS ENERGY consumes than conventional dryers. The use of an innovate ELECTRONIC CERAMIC HEATER enables our dryer to work with a very low Operating Power.

Environmentally Friendly

AIR TOWEL will provide an immediate positive effect upon environmental policy of your organisation. It will lead to less residual waste, helping to protect the environment.


Cold air drying. AIR TOWEL is the only dryer with capability to operate with COLD AIR (It minimizes proliferation of bacteria and germs). It can also work with HOT AIR.


Treatment which prevents the adherence of any bacteria in the dryer body. This feature makes it especially suitable for Food companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical, cosmetic companies, etc. 

Air Circulation System

Conventional hand dryers have air circulation holes next to the blower area, which enables the circulation of dirty air and water. In the AIR TOWEL, the air entrance and blower areas are physically separated.

Double Filter

Mesh filter which minimizes the entrance of dust particles inside the dryer. Guaranteed clean air. HEPA FILTER (optional). Caters especially for use where a high degree of hygiene is required.

Less Noisy

LESS NOISY than standard hand dryers with ADJUSTABLE SPEED: Only dryer in the market with 3 adjustable speeds. Therefore, it is possible to reduce noise in noise-sensitive places (hospitals, libraries, health centers, etc).

Involved with the environment

Increasingly, our society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of caring for the environment. From CARYOSA HANDDRYER SOLUTIONS we want to contribute to this mission by providing products which respect the planet.

Our different hand dryer solutions are the ideal equipments to protect the environment, because every time it is used, provides significant energy savings thanks to its extremely low energy consumption, much lower compared with conventional hand dryers, thus leading to saving natural resources.

In addition, replacing paper towels for our hand dryers lead to very high economic savings, also avoiding deforestation involved in the manufacturing process of paper towels.



Caryosa Hand Dryer Solutions, Environmentally Conscious!About us

Tornado Protech
Clean & Modern

A new concept of ecological, ergonomic hand dryer and with an exclusive design that will contribute to improve the design and image of your bathrooms.

Our TORNADO PROTECH hand dryers possess all the hygienic features to ensure a perfect hand drying in just 12 seconds, thanks to its double compressed airflow. You can also achieve energy savings of up to 80 % compared to other hand drying systems, such as paper towels, textile or conventional hand dryers.

In addition, its automatic Start & Stop system by an infrarred sensor makes it very convenient and easy to operate without pressing any button.